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Tickit On Demand is aligned with ISO 31000, the international risk management standard. You can create a risk management plan by identifying and assessing risks, and implement tasks and action plans to manage them. Risks can be assessed in any part of your organisation, and flexible scheduling allows them to be assessed at a frequency that best suits your organization.
Risk assessment is a simple interactive process; risk owners are notified via email when a risk needs to be assessed, and a simple interface allows the assessment to be recorded, along with any supporting notes or relevant information. Simple, customisable reports can be used to export your risk information in pdf, Word, CSV or Excel format. Find out more
Tickit On Demand provides a responsive and robust solution for management of your compliance related to laws, regulations, standards and policies. You can set up action plans to remediate compliance issues efficiently and link reference documents from your intranet, external websites or even upload them to your Tickit system.
Staff can also be required to attach evidence to demonstrate how they completed a task. The configurable compliance platform allows organisations to be proactive and manage their evolving business and associated compliance obligations. Compliance obligations can easily be tracked, managed and reported. Find out more
Tickit On Demand has the most comprehensive and flexible Incident Management solution available. The Incident Management module includes form creation, workflow, alerts, notifications, access control, diary notes and reporting.
Our customers can create their own breach reporting forms, complaints forms, audit findings templates, OH&S incident reporting forms and complaints registers across a range of industry segments. In fact, any event that needs to be managed and reported on can be captured using Tickit On Demand. Find out more
Tickit Audit allows you to efficiently and effectively manage the entire audit cycle. The Audit module is fully integrated with the Tickit Risk, Compliance and Incident modules, enabling comprehensive tracking and reporting of Audit results. The new Question Bank greatly simplifies the Audit preparation process.
Tickit Audit covers the entire Audit process ranging from definition, preparation, scheduling and documentation of audits, recording of audit findings and tracking of agreed actions. Agreed actions can be allocated directly to staff who will be reminded when they are due and are accountable for their completion. Simple, customizable reports can be used to export your audit information. Find out more

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Clients Speak

Tickit On Demand has allowed us to centralise our risk, compliance and incident reporting across our diverse operational divisions. The system is continually providing benefits with its easy to use interface for staff and the ability to generate reports and filter relevant information throughout the organisation.
Sharen Waugh
Risk & Compliance Manager,
St. Laurence Community Services
The Audit Committee has stated on two occasions that Navitas risk management capability has raised a level or two and Tickit On Demand has played an enabling role in this.
John Kitching
Internal Audit & Risk Manager,
Navitas Group

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