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GP Networks login to Tickit

General Practice Queensland has signed up to use Tickit On Demand risk and compliance software.

Kim Wilson, General Manager Tickit Systems says “Tickit On Demand is the ideal solution for organizations looking for an intuitive, straight-forward approach to risk and compliance. We are delighted to have GP Networks in Queensland joining GP Networks in Western Australia and New South Wales as Tickit On Demand users.”

For more information on Tickit On Demand please call (02) 8831 6395 or email us.

Need custom fields. Click here.

You have been asking us for a long time to be able to add your own fields to Tickit On Demand. We went back to the drawing board to figure out how we could deliver an effective customisation functionality that Tickit administrators could easily use without a degree in software engineering.

 need custom field-1 

Custom fields are the result of our efforts. This feature lets you add text fields, single select and multi-select lists to Tickit on demand.

You can now change our standard application to include that ‘location’ field you always wanted or the ‘compliance obligation source’ field your General Manager said was a ‘must-have’.

need custom field-2

What is really exciting is that once you add these fields, at the click of a button they are available to use in a range of Tickit On Demand reports. No extra coding needed by us.

Call (02) 88316395 or email us for more information on intuitive features and simple risk and compliance.

Power of Three: Which you should remember

Some features could be life-savers, provided we know and remember them. Here are such three gems:

  • The ‘Forgot Your Password’ Link: System administrators generally complain that they receive several calls a month with users saying they have forgotten their passwords. Every Tickit Login page has a forgot your password link, users simply have to click on the link and follow the instructions to set up a new password.
  • Bulk Task re-assignment: When a user leaves or if responsibilities have been reassigned, Tickit has an easy to use bulk task re-assignment functionality.
  • Create your own overdue or scheduled tasks report: Custom reports in Tickit allow you to create your own overdue or scheduled task reports. Choose your own report columns and sort the report any way you like. You can then subscribe to reports at any frequency you want.

Capture information unique to your business in Tickit

Many of you gave us feedback that there was information unique to your business that needed to be captured in Tickit On Demand. So, we have added a new feature called ‘Custom Fields’.

You can now add your own custom fields to any part of Tickit On Demand, give the field its own unique name and most importantly report on any data in your custom fields. The custom fields feature along with our smart and flexible reports make Tickit On Demand, even more powerful as a tool for your business. Custom fields is not the only feature we have added to our suite, target risk and actions to demonstrate compliance are some of the others.

Call us on 02 9467 8822 or email for more information.


Meet our new customers

We have been busy with the launch of the new Tickit version and with servicing our new customers and existing customers who are migrating from Tickit 4.0 to Tickit On Demand. Tickit On Demand, we are pleased, is hitting the mark with our clients. The feedback in general has been that the software is intuitive and easy to use.

We would like to introduce and thank our new customers, who include: Continue reading

Search Smartly – Discover Wisely

Everybody searches but the success of search is to discover what you are looking for. Smart Search functionality in Tickit On Demand can search anything quickly and smartly once the keyword is defined by users. Tickit will search for the references to the keyword across the database. You can then click on the results to drill down into the detail.