Risk Management

As risk software, Tickit On Demand will impress with features such as a visual risk assessment screen and drag and drop custom reports. You can now customise a risk register quickly and easily for your Board or Audit committee. Find out more


As compliance software, Tickit On Demand will help monitor your compliance plan and generate reports on compliant, non-compliant or overdue tasks. Tickit On Demand is a complete historical archive enabling you to report on and analyse compliance and risk information over time. Find out more


Tickit On Demand will help you monitor and manage incidents and breaches. Create your own custom incident and breach reporting forms. Generate breach reports and incident registers in a flash. Find out more


Tickit On Demand Enterprise includes a flexible Audit Management module that can be set up to meet your requirements. The Audit Management module includes Checklists and Survey style questionnaires to evaluate and monitor your compliance requirements. Find out more