Release Webinars hit the right spot with Tickit customers

Being a Software as a Service GRC solution we have the advantage of fairly rapid release cycles for Tickit On Demand. This means we can be quite responsive to the needs of our customer base and deploy great new features to them quite quickly. Our challenge has been how to keep our customers informed of new features so that they can take advantage of them. We used to send out email based release notes telling customers what is in a new release. This works well for some customers but for others, these release notes were just not getting the message across fast enough. As a result, some of our customers were missing features that could be really useful to them.

We put our thinking caps on and came up with the idea of a release webinar series that is run in conjunction with the release. A picture (or in this case a webinar) is worth a thousand words, our customers are able to see in real time the new features we have put in a release and how they could apply them to their organization. The Release Webinar also enables customers to ask questions and to make suggestions on what else they would like to see in Tickit. We have had some great feedback on our Release Webinars some of the comments include:

Linda McCorey from Gippsland Medicare Local who said “The webinar was great it was good to be able to see the enhancements rather than just get an update.  I hope there will be more of them.”

Christina Baruffaldi, Risk & Compliance Analyst at Cover-More Insurance Services also added that “The webinar was extremely beneficial for understanding how all the new Tickit features work”