School Accreditation Process


Registration is a non-government school license to operate. Accreditation is a process that authorises a non-government school to nominate candidates for the award of the Record Of School Achievement and/or The Higher School Certificate.

It is achieved after the comprehensive review of Accrediting bodies such as NSW Educations Standard Authority (NESA). Schools must maintain evidence of compliance during any period of registration. The requirements and evidence of compliance include:-

  • Proprietor and principle of the school
  • Staff
  • Curriculum
  • Premises and Buildings
  • Facilities
  • Safe and Supportive Environment

Software programs to assist in the storage of Policy Documents, Procedures and Tasks to provide the evidence required for Registration and Accreditation. This system and structured framework provides an organised and transparent method of record keeping including:-

  • A central repository for Policy Documents
  • A Framework for procedures
  • Task Management
  • Risk Management Framework

The accreditation process of schools is complex. Simplify the challenge using a system that facilitates the Audit and Regulation process by providing a structured approach.