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Risk Management Consulting Services
As experts in the field of Risk Management, we bring our knowledge to assist you implement Risk Management successfully, supporting corporate objectives and giving executive management and gives the board assurance that strategic and key business risks are managed.

Our consultants are well known for their intellectual contribution in the Risk Management Industry, and bring proven processes and procedures that add value to your Risk Management.

We offer a range of services which are tailored to your specific needs, whether big or small, to increase the effectiveness of risk management and governance in your organisation.


Risk Management Framework: It is evident that a range of different risk management functions exist in most organisations and that risk management has a broad application. The International Standard for Risk Management, ISO31000 has qualified the role of strategic and operational risk and its identification, measurement and treatment.

The Tickit Risk Framework is tried and tested and takes an integrated approach to risk management. We have built a successful track record in giving our clients the tools and techniques that makes risk management relevant and effective and that is the least costly to resource. The Framework is developed as a guidance document with the “goalposts” necessary to measure the achievement of each facet related to the risk strategies you wish to develop or focus on.

We are at hand to develop your Risk Framework in consultation with you, using our best practice documentation as a starting point, or to provide peer review of the Framework you have.


Risk Management Mentoring Services: Having a sound Risk Framework is a great starting point, then implementing Risk Management across your organisation or for specific programs requires different skills sets.

Our Consultants provide mentoring to your Risk Champions and Risk Coordinators, with guidance into the most robust methods to address the aspects defined in the Risk Framework. This includes applying the criteria by which risks are assessed and prioritized, as well as the contexts for risk profiles that accurately reflect strategic and operational work.

From this approach, you have confidence that the right risks are identified and that any actions to reduce risks are cost beneficial.

As part of the Mentoring Services we assist in setting up a Risk Workshop Procedure and attend some workshops where we act as a role model to show best practice in conducting Risk Workshops to facilitate the identification, assessment and treatment of risks, followed by handing ownership to business units.


Risk at Bay Managed Services: In some cases your organisation may not require a dedicated Risk Manager and assigns this role to someone as another task for them to do. This may question whether that persons has the requisite qualifications or whether Risk Management will receive the appropriate attention.

Invariably Risk Management becomes the last thing on the mind of well-run company managers, till a risk strikes.

Our Risks at Bay Managed Services is the perfect fit for you.

Our Risks at Bay Keepers are on the job from day one to

  • Discover risks that you should know.
  • Measure the damages that might be caused by risks.
  • Give assurance that the appropriate controls are working.

And from this that Risks are ranked and prioritized for your attention.

Our Risks at Bay Keepers are experienced to remove the burden that you are facing; we:

  • Initiate triggers to the actions that reduce risks.
  • Provide timely and accurate reports to management and the board.

And give you insights to differentiate yourselves in industry.


Risk Management Training

The investment made in training staff in Risk Management needs to translate into better work practises and superior results in performance that meets your corporate objectives. Prior to commencing any training functions, we confirm the objectives that you expect.


Training Courses: In relation to client needs, Tickit provides extensive training services. These are naturally made fit for your purposes. This is facilitated by the qualified Risk Professionals working as members of the team actively participating with you. In this way we have and will continue to deliver a quality service that forms the basis for the sound relations we build with our customers over the years.

Select from our range of training courses:

  • Introduction to Risk Management 3 hours
    Suitable for staff who require some basic training, who may be occasional users of a risk system.
  • Intermediate Risk Management Course 7 hours
    Suitable for business unit managers and line managers who require some more involved basic training and who may be occasional users of a risk system.
  • Advanced Risk Management Course 2 days
    Suitable for risk advisers (risk champions) who will be more involved in day to day risk management, and providing a mentoring role to other staff.
  • Risk Management Assurance Training 2 days
    Suitable for auditors, quality assurance managers, safety officers, human resource managers who provide an assurance role around the adequacy of the control framework. This will also suit those organisations wishing to institute controls self assurance programs.


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