Accreditor in Tickit On Demand allows you to develop your own procedures in line with your business and your accrediting body. Tickit On Demand provides an integrated scalable framework, monitoring the status, start date and finish date of the procedure.


 Central Repository and Standard Format

 One centralized location to manage procedures in an easy format. All content is stored in one online location, accessible via the internet, with no additional software installation required. Data is in a consistent format, organized in an easy to locate manner. Content is easily searchable, saving your staff valuable time. Standard format providing evidence in the form of

  • What is required?
  • Who is responsible?
  • How does the process happen?
  • When does the process happen?
  • Where are the records kept?

Transparent Workflow

 An important feature that allows you to create a procedure, edit, review, revise and retire the procedure. Keep track of when your organisations procedures are due for review and at what stage they are at. Save time by reusing your content. Many procedures may be duplicated across multiple document sets to adopt a more efficient content workflow. Take advantage of the multiple areas that can have linked documents or linked websites for navigation to your businesses documentation.

Global search

Search across any information in Tickit On Demand from any screen.