Tickit On Demand is used to manage risk and compliance by organisations such as:

  • Australian Ethical Investment
  • IFM Investors
  • Collins Food Group
  • Allianz
  • Black Rock
  • CoverMore

“Tickit on demand has provided our national organisation with a flexible platform to effectively centralise and streamline our processes for managing risks, incidents and compliance both at an enterprise and operational level.”

Hugh Stern
Quality, Risk & OHS Advisor
Able Australia

“Tickit on Demand has enabled us to consolidate our Risk, Incident, Compliance, Audit and Control Self-Assessment programs from 4 disparate systems into one easy to use platform. Business unit managers are now easily able to monitor and action various risk and compliance tasks, with Senior Management automatically notified if those tasks are not being completed within agreed timeframes. From an administrator’s perspective Tickit enables us to gain a more complete picture of Risk, Compliance, Audit and incidents with the ability to link each to another. Tickit have consistently shown a keen interest in obtaining feedback from their customers as a means of further improving the functionality of Tickit on Demand.”

Phil Higgins
Manager, Risk & Compliance – Corporate CFO

“The Audit Committee has stated on two occasions that Navitas risk management capability has raised a level or two and Tickit On Demand has played an enabling role in this.”

John Kitching
Internal Audit & Risk Manager
Navitas Group

“Managing OSH issues within Ruah was a real challenge. The decision to invest in Tickit on Demand was a very good move. For the first time we have the capacity to manage OSH issues across a dispersed workforce and to spread the load equitably. The workflow management capabilities are very helpful and I look forward to extending our use of Tickit on Demand to cover other risk related functions. The training and support have been spot on too.”

Shawn Phillips
Executive Manager

“Tickit On Demand has allowed us to centralise our risk, compliance and incident reporting across our diverse operational divisions. The system is continually providing benefits with its easy to use interface for staff and the ability to generate reports and filter relevant information throughout the organization.”

Sharen Waugh
Risk & Compliance Service Manager
St. Laurence Community Services

“Tickit On Demand provides us with a practical, holistic and visual tool to identify, treat and report on risks and incidents across the organisation. It is an extremely user friendly system and the automated scheduling / notification function is particularly useful.”

Christina Baruffaldi
Risk Specialist