By tracking compliance & managing risks, incidents & breaches, Tickit on Demand frees your staff to do Super stuff.

Tickit On Demand is the ideal risk, compliance and incident management solution for Super Funds. Tickit On Demand is intuitive, easy to use and available at a fair price. Tickit On Demand is aligned with the ISO 31000 risk management standard, AS/NZS 4360 risk management standard and AS/NZS 3806 compliance standard. Tickit On Demand provides a structured framework for risk management, compliance management, incident management, complaint management, audit issue management and much more.

What sets us apart?

Saving time by reducing complexity

Getting assurance that compliance, risks and incidents are being managed need not be a complex process. Tickit On Demand can save your staff time with its effective and intuitive approach to compliance, risk and incident management. Information is easily managed and accessed in a single database and reports that would otherwise take hours can be generated at the click of a button.

Legislative and Regulatory Compliance

Load your compliance obligations in Tickit On Demand and manage them yourself. Easily allocate obligations to staff in the business and track task completion. Our Superannuation customers manage SIS Act, Corporations Act and other RSE compliance requirements in Tickit On Demand. They even manage compliance against internal policies and procedures and track whether audit findings have been completed.

Incident / Breach and Complaints Reporting

Configure your own incident/breach reporting form or even a complaints reporting form. These forms can be published on your intranet making them easily accessible to anyone in the organisation to report an incident or a potential breach. These issues can then be managed in Tickit On Demand.


Risk Management

Tickit On Demand provides an ISO 31000 (AS/NZS 4360) aligned risk management framework that enables users to maintain a risk register, create risk mitigation tasks and generate quality risk reports.

Need some help?

If you require assistance or guidance with your risk and compliance frameworks, Tickit Systems can recommend a number of consultants that can assist. Services that they provide can include a review of your Funds current processes, implementation of a compliance monitoring framework and ongoing risk and compliance support. If you would like to know more, please contact us.

Quick to implement & easy to use

Tickit On Demand is hosted on our fast and reliable servers and can be accessed from anywhere with a computer, a web browser and an internet connection. Your users will find Tickit intuitive and easy to use and that means more people will use it.

Great Reports

Tickit will allow you to create your own report templates choose the fields you want, rename reports and subscribe to get them at a regular frequency. Reports such as the Overdue tasks report which provides an age analysis of overdue tasks at the click of a button would take hours to generate the ideal risk, compliance and incident management solution for Super Funds.

Fair price

Tired of paying a high price for software? Tickit On Demand is quality software at an affordable price.

For more details contact us today, or view the demo.