Updates to NESA Manuals


updates to nesa manuals


NESA announced on the 21st January 2019 that updates have been made to their Manuals.

The Registered and Accredited Individual Non-government Schools (NSW) Manual, the Registration Systems and Member Non-government Schools (NSW) Manual and the Registration Process for the NSW Government Schooling System Manual (the Manuals) have been amended.

The list of amendments that relate to the Child Protection Section of the Manual which is applicable to both Day and Boarding Schools are provided in the NESA announcement. This will guide each school to review their Incident Reports and Tasks and update those sections of their Compliance Software as required. NESA has also provided an updated version of the Manuals and has highlighted the “Track Changes”.

The updates require schools to “set clear guidelines and expectations for stakeholders regarding complaints or allegations of staff misconduct or reportable conduct and to publish the school’s complaint handling procedures regarding allegations of staff misconduct or reportable conduct.”

Call the staff at Tickit to help guide you through any Compliance requirements including the updates to the “Task” areas as detailed in the NESA Announcement.

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