Risk and Compliance professionals recommend Tickit

Tickit On Demand’s focus on intuitiveness and ease of use at an affordable price is earning recommendations from professionals in the risk and compliance industry. Recent comments on our Linkedin page include:

Suzanne Jenkins, Risk and Compliance Manager at the University of Newcastle:

“Tickit has been a very successful tool for the university and has contributed significantly to the ease with which we have implemented risk management. The system is simple to use and the reports look professional

Anthony Rodrigues of LUCRF Super:

“This software has been of great value to me and the other users at my organisation it focuses on intuitiveness, ease of use, ability to generate reports and filter relevant information throughout the organisation at an affordable price. The technical support provided by the staff has been excellent with prompt service and queries resolved immediately. I would strongly recommend this product.”

Mark Buckley who implemented Tickit in his previous role at a Superannuation Administrator in Sydney has also added:

It is a solid solution, which is easy to deploy and intuitive to use also being a web based solution we didn’t have any hassle installing it locally in our organisation. Tickit on Demand greatly supported our Risk, Compliance and Self-Assessment reporting processes.”

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